The Promised Land Baptist Church was founded by Reverend H. Ellis Turner in 1968. In November 1967,  Deacon George Malone, Sis. Alberta Sullivan, Sis. Julia Dixon, Deacon Stafford Lance, Sis. Alberta Boddie, Sis. Claudia McDaniel, and Deacon and Mrs. Reid expressed their support for Reverend H. Ellis Turner and his leadership and encouraged him to start Promised Land Baptist Church. Sis. Julia Dixon offered the use of her lodge hall in northwest Washington. The first service was held in December 1967.    In September1968, the congregation moved into their new home and was soon blessed with enough funds to secure another property on Farragut Street, NW.  The Gospel Chorus was the first formal singing group followed by the Senior and Youth Choirs. As the church grew physically, the congregation decided to search for a larger sanctuary and secured the present location at 401 Van Buren Street, NW.